Friday, February 15, 2008

Manly Man Knitting

It's sad but true: I am not terribly romantic. I don't watch "date movies" or "chick flicks," I don't read bodice rippers, and I don't get wrapped up in Valentine's Day. This year, however, I came to my senses early enough to whip out a few things for The Hairy One.

No Pom Pom for Him

First on the needles was a quick hat, based on Elena. It's knit with Manos del Uruguay 100% wool (#104) on size 11 dpns. I skipped the full three inch fold back, replacing it with one inch of seed stitch. I also skipped the pom pom (duh) and added one more row of decreases. I really liked making this hat - bulky wools mean quick knits.

The hat is warm and stretchy, the colors are fabulous, and The Hairy One is ecstatic.

Real Men Wear Fingerless Gloves Too

Still on the needles is the second fingerless glove. I had about half a ball of the variegated Manos left, so I combined it with this lovely creamy tan and made up the pattern. I have to hurry up and finish the second one - he wants to take them to the Daytona 500 on Sunday, just in case it gets cold.

Did you notice the giant eyeball above my couch? Bubba painted that for us when he was four. It's party streamers pasted and painted on the canvas board. He told us he had an elephant eye inside and it had to get out. That is teh awesome.