Wednesday, October 24, 2007

God Speed Discovery

I love working with geeks! Discovery blasted off from Cape Canaveral at 11:38 am EDT yesterday, and we all trooped out to the roof to watch. The launch was beautiful.

Here's to a successful mission and a safe return!

Friday, October 19, 2007

This n That

I thought I'd have at least a 50% chance.... I think it's my need to save the monsters; I should face the fact that they'd probably handle it better than me!

And proof that there is at least one other person like me in the world:

It's not my absolute favorite TMJ song, but I've been singing it nonstop since I saw this!

An Interesting Statue

I live in the land of mouse ears and space shuttles, so my choice of statuary is a little limited.... For this week's Blogstalker assignment I chose my favorite little knick knack paddy wack.

Do I disturb you?

I found this Nike of Samothrace at one of those discount retail stores. I said, "Huh, isn't that neat," and walked away. But, like some Giger-esque bad dream, she called me back and I bought her the next day. She lost one wing in a terrible marauding kitty accident, and has scared the crap out of the Hairy One ever since.

She is rather disturbing. She appeals to that leather and lace, liquid latex part of me that the monsters have (mostly) suppressed.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Do dolphins have nipples?

We went to the local pancake place tonight, and the monsters were cracking me up!

While we were eating, a foursome walked into the restaurant. "I hope that guy's not an enemy," says Bubba.


"I hope that guy's not an enemy."

"Whose enemy?"

"I don't know, I just hope he's not an enemy."

"I'm sure he's not, Bubba."

Then on the drive home, Bubba is quietly explaining to the Bug that "nipples are on the outside and the inside part is called the chest."

"Honey, nipples are the bumps; the whole part above your tummy is your chest."

"Oh. So nipples are a family of two."


"Nipples are a family of two."

"You mean everyone has two nipples."


The Bug: "Not girls; girls have breasts."

Me, trying not to laugh too hard, "Girls have nipples too; everyone has nipples."

"Do bunnies have nipples?"


"How about fish?"

"No, fish don't have any. Only animals with hair or fur."

"Do dolphins have nipples?"


"Dolphins have nipples?!?"

I love those guys!!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Three Things I Love and Three Things I Hate

This week's blogstalking assignment is to list three things I love and three things I hate. Since I'm a pretty loving person (I have said "I love you" to strangers and meant it!) it's hard to narrow down to three. Here are the ones I thought of first.....

I Love Purple Flowers

These are all flowers from my gardens; there are two passion flowers, two butterfly bushes, and two unknowns.

I Love My Furbabies

Clockwise from top left: Black Tom, Jasper, Murder Girl, Nutmeg, and Peek-a-boo

I Love My Monsters

Bubba and the Bug, getting away with murder since 2003.

And now Three Things I Hate

I really hate them!


I hate them so much that I couldn't even take my own picture or put three separate pictures in the blog. I hate them so much that just having this picture is creeping me out.

And since I'm such a rebel, here's one more thing I love:

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Works in Progress

Last night, I knit through Doctor Who (how I love the Tenth Doctor!), and finally the Pretty in Pink Lavender Tank looks like more than a tube. I increased the bodice rounds by one inch so it will have a higher (and more flattering for me) neckline. I will decrease the straps correspondingly.

Aren't I pretty reposing in the shade?

See, one strap already! I don't really like knitting the straps on the cable needles, but I'm too lazy to switch.

Will you finish me already?

On Wednesday I went to my first knit night. It was fabulous! I cast on the Shapely Tank and made it through the first short rows. No frogging so far - Yay!

Anything looks pretty with a flower!

I'll probably jinx it, but my goal is to finish knitting the Pretty in Pink Tank today and sew the straps tomorrow. We'll see.....

Friday, October 5, 2007

What card are you?

You are The Wheel of Fortune

Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of
intoxication with success

The Wheel of Fortune is all about big things, luck, change, fortune. Almost always good fortune. You are lucky in all things that you do and happy with the things that come to you. Be careful that success does not go to your head however. Sometimes luck can change.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

That's just too cool!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

How you get from here to there

This week's assignment on Blogstalker is "How do you get from here to there." I have to add a disclaimer again: Do not try this at home!

Since we live on an island, the answer is by bridge.

And the beast that gets us where we need to go?