Friday, October 12, 2007

Do dolphins have nipples?

We went to the local pancake place tonight, and the monsters were cracking me up!

While we were eating, a foursome walked into the restaurant. "I hope that guy's not an enemy," says Bubba.


"I hope that guy's not an enemy."

"Whose enemy?"

"I don't know, I just hope he's not an enemy."

"I'm sure he's not, Bubba."

Then on the drive home, Bubba is quietly explaining to the Bug that "nipples are on the outside and the inside part is called the chest."

"Honey, nipples are the bumps; the whole part above your tummy is your chest."

"Oh. So nipples are a family of two."


"Nipples are a family of two."

"You mean everyone has two nipples."


The Bug: "Not girls; girls have breasts."

Me, trying not to laugh too hard, "Girls have nipples too; everyone has nipples."

"Do bunnies have nipples?"


"How about fish?"

"No, fish don't have any. Only animals with hair or fur."

"Do dolphins have nipples?"


"Dolphins have nipples?!?"

I love those guys!!!!!