Saturday, October 6, 2007

Works in Progress

Last night, I knit through Doctor Who (how I love the Tenth Doctor!), and finally the Pretty in Pink Lavender Tank looks like more than a tube. I increased the bodice rounds by one inch so it will have a higher (and more flattering for me) neckline. I will decrease the straps correspondingly.

Aren't I pretty reposing in the shade?

See, one strap already! I don't really like knitting the straps on the cable needles, but I'm too lazy to switch.

Will you finish me already?

On Wednesday I went to my first knit night. It was fabulous! I cast on the Shapely Tank and made it through the first short rows. No frogging so far - Yay!

Anything looks pretty with a flower!

I'll probably jinx it, but my goal is to finish knitting the Pretty in Pink Tank today and sew the straps tomorrow. We'll see.....