Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Three Things I Love and Three Things I Hate

This week's blogstalking assignment is to list three things I love and three things I hate. Since I'm a pretty loving person (I have said "I love you" to strangers and meant it!) it's hard to narrow down to three. Here are the ones I thought of first.....

I Love Purple Flowers

These are all flowers from my gardens; there are two passion flowers, two butterfly bushes, and two unknowns.

I Love My Furbabies

Clockwise from top left: Black Tom, Jasper, Murder Girl, Nutmeg, and Peek-a-boo

I Love My Monsters

Bubba and the Bug, getting away with murder since 2003.

And now Three Things I Hate

I really hate them!


I hate them so much that I couldn't even take my own picture or put three separate pictures in the blog. I hate them so much that just having this picture is creeping me out.

And since I'm such a rebel, here's one more thing I love: