Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adventures in Felting

I've been playing with felting with both good and bad results. First the success:

As a Valentine's Day surprise, I knitted a pair of Fuzzy Feet for a friend. I'm pretty sure she doesn't read the blog, but I still won't name any names. These were so fun! They were knit with a little bit more than one skein of Dark Horse Yarns Rhapsody on size 11 dpns.

I felted them to about a size 10/12 foot; my friend will finish the felting until they fit her perfectly.

Next in the washer was a why not purse. I had some leftovers and thought I'd play around. I ended up with this:

Now bear with me. Have you ever had an argument and realized half way through that the argument was really about something else? That happened when The Hairy One saw the bag.

"That would make a great diaper bag for your sister," says he.

"No honey, it's going to be felted. It'll be a little purse."

"It would make a great diaper bag."

I folded the bag in quarters to show him the finished size. "Honey, I'm going to felt it; it'll end up this big."

"You should turn it into a diaper bag."

"If I felt it, it will be too small. If I don't felt it, it won't be strong enough."

"It would make a great diaper bag." My husband was adamant.

"You just want another baby, don't you" I said.

"Maybe," he said in a small voice.

This conversation stuck to the little purse that never was a diaper bag like a karmic cloud. When I tossed it in the wash, I thought - it's big enough, I can skip the lingerie bag.

Bad idea. The bag got caught on the agitator and only shrunk one way. Even after multiple runs through the machine, I have the world's longest and shallowest purse. I'm going to have to give it to a random ten year old girl.

And in case you're getting your hopes up, there will be no babies at The House at Two Palms in the near future. Maybe after The Hairy One finishes school, but I doubt it. I love my boys, but two are enough. If we could guarantee a girl... honestly, we'd end up with the most spoiled little princess (brat) on God's green earth.

Adoption is an option though :P