Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Bubba!

Bubba turned six years old this weekend! He's grown up so fast.... We went to the Renaissance Faire, as we do every year. We were halfway through the two hour drive when I realized I forgot the camera! Crap.

This year the fire eater Johnny Phoenix used my lighter to start the show! You have to understand that the Hairy One and I have been inadvertently stalking this guy for seven years now. We saw him at our first ren-fair together, and he has been at every ren-fair since. He does a hilarious show! If you ever get a chance to see him - take it. You won't be disappointed. I was going to talk to him after the show - maybe joke a little about stalking him, but I got too shy and chickened out. There's always next year.

The finale at the ren-faire every year is the royal joust to the death. Every year the bad guy cheats and kills the good knight (sorry for ruining it for you!). Every year, my sweet monsters have to check to make sure he's not really dead..... "I know this is really pretend, but I just want to make sure he's okay."

Speaking of the monsters, how about Halloween costumes? Bug is the knight, Bubba is the skeleton monster. I've been thinking of ways to knit "armor" for the boys. I'm thinking a shiny silver/gray yarn, DK or worsted weight, knitted in garter stitch on size 13 needles..... Maybe for next year!

Here's an awkward segue into crazy projects: my first two hedgies are done! They are desperately cute, if I do say so myself. Hermione, the pink one, will go on display at All Strung Out. Hedgie is destined to become Bug's best friend. I have three more to make: Bubba's in brown and black, Sassy's in purple and burgundy, and Yaya's in green and orange. Here's the details:

Hermione Hedgehog
Pattern: Fiber Trends Hedgehogs
Yarn: Approximately 165 yards Dark Horse Yarns Rhapsody 100% Merino color # 71; 100 yards each Dark Horse Yarns Metal Wink, yellow and pink. I skipped the darker color for the paws.
Needles: US 10 1/2 (6.5 mm) for the body and US 11 (8 mm) for the back. After the first hedgehog, I also used US 8 to pick up the stitches for the back, then knitted those onto the 11's.

Notes: These knit up super fast! It's instant gratification. A few observations, though: I found it so much easier to pick up the stitches for the back with smaller needles; when I did that, I didn't end up with holes I had to sew up later. The back is done is a series of short rows - great practice for me! I would strongly recommend that you do not put the hedgehog down in the middle of the series. You will become completely lost! (Or is that just me?)

All in all I love these guys. They are sooo cute!!

Finally, I am very behind on Blogstalking. Last week's assignment was the oldest picture of yourself you have. I wasn't sure what I'd find for this. About four years ago we had a house fire and lost almost everything. We were able to save some pictures, but they were all damaged. I haven't had the heart to go through them in any detail until now.... Forgive the crappy quality of the picture of a picture. My scanner at work died, and I can't get my photo editing program to work here at the house.

That little black dot is my head! The gorgeous woman reading is my mom. I love the fact that she is intently reading while nursing; I did the same thing with my monsters.