Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Calling All Brave Souls

Although inspired by all the knitty blogs out there, I originally started this blog to talk about soap making. It's been three months, and I only have one post about soap..... Silly girl.

So, tra-la! *furls arms like a magician's assistant* Beautiful handmade soap!

This is Naked Goat Soap, a goat’s milk soap with no added fragrances. It naturally has a soft, sweet, milky scent. The goat's milk combined with nourishing olive and rice bran oils and luxurious mango butter gently cleanse without stripping your skin's natural oils.
And the all-time favorite (so far): Almond Biscotti Kitchen Soap. This is a gentle yet hardworking soap to combat those persistent kitchen smells: onions? garlic? This soap knocks them all down without drying your skin! Cocoa butter soothes while fresh coffee grinds scrub and whisk away stinkiness. And the scent? Divine chocolate amaretto.... Mmmm yummy!*

For those of you who've made it all the way here, you're probably wondering "What's the deal with the title?" Well, I need soap-testing volunteers. My friends and family have happily tested my soaps for years, but they can only wash so many times a day! Plus, I'm not sure they are as brutally honest as they should be.

So, if you are feeling brave and love fancy schmancy soaps, send an email to twopalms @ cfl dot rr dot com (or click on the sidebar). I will randomly send you samples of my latest creations with a detailed ingredient list and a tentative name of the soap. All you have to do in return is give me an honest critique.

Why the sudden largesse? I will be opening an Etsy store soon, and I want to hook as many customers as possible before hand. Okay, not really, but I would like to take the next step of soap for profit (yeah, right - no one makes money on soap). Before I invest in the local round of spring craft fairs, I'd like to know which soaps are popular across the largest spectrum of people.

You know you're curious!

*Do not eat soap! No matter how good it smells. Really. It won’t taste good at all.