Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Warning, snarkiness follows

This post will have nothing to do with knitting, soaping, blog-stalking, or general craftiness. This post is pure snark.

Today at work I get this (must be read in super bubbly voice – and yes, I know I’m queen of bubbly, but this was a lot even for me!):

To: QueenBee
From: ReallyExcitedWorkerBee

Hi Eryn! Could you send this out global? I am really excited and want everyone to know!

Blah blah blah about this month’s walk for your favorite charity, team info, please help….


Thank you,


So I clean it up and forward to all employees. Now I’ve done this before and I know the drill: I make sure the date and name of the walk are in the Subject line; I start the email with “ReallyExcitedWorkerBee is the point of contact for all questions” in huge freaking blue letters; I make sure the links work….

Within two minutes I get an email from JustCan’tPayAttention “When is the walk?” I reply with the date, place, and time and point out that all the info can be found in the link.

Another minute passes: Email from FaxMachinesAreCuttingEdgeTechnology “How do I sign up?” Reply: “ReallyExcitedWorkerBee is the point of contact for this event. You can sign up by clicking on the link she provided.”

Then the calls come in: “Hey, can I join your walk for that charity?”

Me (trying not to be nasty): “ReallyExcitedWorkerBee is the point of contact for that walk. Her contact information and the link to join the team are in the email.”

Them: “Oh, I deleted it. Can you send it to me again?” Now I am at an impasse. Do I kindly explain that you never actually delete anything on a computer and try and tell this person how to retrieve the email? Nope, I just resend it.

Now I know that because of my job, I have a low opinion of the general population, but how do these people get dressed in the morning without someone to pick out their clothes?