Monday, September 17, 2007

New Stuff!

I had packages waiting for me tonight! Look and see what goodies I got:

Here's a bad picture of beautiful merino wool. After I wash and card it, this wool will be the first fiber spun on my DIY kick wheel. This will also be the first wool I have processed all by myself. I hope I don't end up with a big pot of felt!

And look - cheap coconut oil for soap. I stumbled across this on eBay with only ten minutes left in the bid. Can't beat that! Coconut oil can be drying for some people, but it is really the best oil for soap. It makes a super hard bar that will suds in salt water. To counter-act the drying effect, I blend it with olive oil and shea butter, among others. A little bit of coconut oil goes a loooong way.

I also started this. Thank you for the pattern, Amanda! I love sweaters, but it is too hot in Florida, so I'm looking for cami's, tanks and cardigans. This one is fabulous and very simple. The yarn is cheapo 100% acrylic from the evil that is Wal-mart. (I live in the fiber equivalent of the Arctic tundra. Thank the gods for the internet!) I was looking for something easy to work with and cheap - just in case I screwed up. I grabbed this because I love the color. If you asked me my favorite color, I would immediately say "Blue," but I am obsessed with lavender. When I see this color, I just have to touch it. (And it sets off my eyes!)

The Eye of God

The Hairy One went back to school this year, learning to be a rocket scientist. Tonight he got on-line to show the boys some of the cool things he's learned. He pulled up this picture of the Cat's Eye Nebula (dubbed the Eye of God) and the Bug said, "Whoa, that's my future! You learned about my future, Dad!"

That was an incredibly deep comment. Whether his four year old mind meant he was going to study things like that when he grew up, or if he meant that ultimately we are all cosmic dust, I am blown away!