Friday, September 14, 2007

Hello Hello

So here I am, officially a blogger. Because of course I can't do only one thing at a time, I have to dive into the worlds of spinning, knitting, and blogging all at once. (it's a sickness, I know.)

I used to knit all the time - simple things like scarves and blankets. Then we had the house fire - maybe someday I'll tell you the story - and knitting needles and yarn weren't high on the priority list for replacement. Well, it is high time I got back on that horse, and to mix metaphors, I've learned that knitting is like riding a bicycle: you never forget.

Right now I'm knitting simple hat/scarf combos for the boys (Bubba and the Bug). The Hairy One has already demanded a fuzzy scarf and a goofy hat. For a very manly man, he sure likes his fuzzies!

Once I get the knitting muscles stretched out, I will start a project list so you can follow along and yell at me for procrastination!

Our new additions Jasper and Nutmeg are settling in well. They are the progenitors of a future award-winning Satin Angora rabbit herd! I can't wait to start spinning their beautiful wool! I ordered some beautiful Merino wool I can play with until my bunnies are fluffy again.

On the soap front, I ordered some new dye. I can't wait to start playing! Ooh, ooh, ooh, the best part..... the dye is good for wool too! (Happy dance! Do it with me now!)

Pictures of projects, coming soon!