Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Road Trip, Part Two

If Hanks was like coming home, Knitch was like going to temple. A. maze. ing.

I was a little worried that we would have trouble finding Knitch, because they are tucked away in an alley in midtown Atlanta, Georgia. However, their website provides exquisite directions and we had no problems.

When I saw the oddball knitting wrought iron statue guarding the door, I knew that everything was fabulous. The store is an older building that has been stripped down to the original hardwood and brick. Discreet spotlights highlight the fabulous colors and upstairs in the dye loft, huge windows let in natural light. The walls are literally floor to ceiling yarn. If I had one complaint, it would be that some yarns are on shelves seven feet up. It's a good thing I dragged the Hairy One with me!

I had a chance to fondle yarns I've only read about: Rowan, Blue Sky Alpaca, Manos del Uruguay.... It was a complete drool-fest. At one point my very patient husband even joined the fun: "That is soo cool! That would make an awesome sweater." Any yarn store that entices my husband gets a thumbs up from me!

Next: all the fibery goodness I came home with.