Thursday, January 3, 2008

Going on a Roadtrip

Happy New Year to one and all! I've been avoiding the year-end reflection and resolution post. It sounds trite, but every day is the beginning of a new year. Every day is worthy of reflection and resolution. So instead of a list of what I've done in the last year or what I'm going to do this year, I give you my pre-roadtrip post!

We are about to get in the car to drive to Atlanta. Because of the monsters' limited patience and The Hairy One's bad back, what is normally an eight hour drive will be at least twelve hours. The plus side? I have mapped out new yarn stores to visit!

I am really a one LYS kind of girl. I love All Strung Out and the fabulous Gigi. But I cannot pass up the opportunity to visit new and wonderful places! On the agenda this weekend is Hanks in Gainesville, Florida, and Knitch in Atlanta, Georgia. When I get back, I will give a full report on both.

And since I can't post without pictures, I give you the Helicopter of Evil and the Avenging Dog.