Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Black as My Soul

This morning that was actually my answer to “How would you like your coffee?” I even shocked myself! I never really say these things out loud – I just think them! However, my out burst is appropriate today because I have a Wicked little sweater to show off.

I started this March 20 and finished it March 30! It was fun, fast, and I love it.


Pattern: Wicked by Zephyr Style
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca, Oceanic Mix (6285), 4 skeins
Needles: US 7
Size: 32”-35”

This was my first top-down raglan style, and I loved that I could stop at anytime and try it on. I had heard through the Ravelry grapevine that this sweater knit up a little big, so I cast on for a smaller than normal size. Since I could try it on every few inches, I easily made adjustments to fit my body.


I skipped the kangaroo pouch, knit three-quarter length sleeves, and repeated the crossover cable stitch at the bottom. My biggest modification was continuing the increases after separating for the sleeves. I don’t know about you, but my largest bust measurement falls well below my armpits!

The Ultra Alpaca is soft and warm, and a joy to work with. My only complaint is how long it takes to wind these never-ending skeins into balls – I really, really need a ball winder.

This little sweater very versatile: I wore it with slacks to work (where it kept me nice and warm in my frigid office) and it’ll look great with jeans on the weekends.

So, are you jonesing for a bunny fix? I missed the weekly Sunday photo due to circumstances beyond my control – note to self: the camera’s battery compartment has a diagram for a reason – so here they are at three and a half weeks.

Big thanks to Bubba for his help posing with the bunny!

In my last post, Heather asked about the bunny trance; here are the instructions so that you too can trance a bunny. YMMV

Tools needed:

A calm bunny
A quiet room
A lap

Gently, gently, gently place the bunny on its back on your lap. Watch out – bunnies do not like to be upside down! You may get kicked and bunny nails can be sharp. With one hand I smooth the bunny’s ears to her back and with the other I gently turn her over. I’ve found that if I angle my lap so that the bunny’s head is slightly lower than her body, she calms down faster. I gently rub the bunny’s nose until she relaxes into the trance.

A tranced bunny is perfectly relaxed and perfectly relaxing.

I am a disapproving bunny and I do not approve this message.